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Important Update

In light of the on-going concerns around COVID-19 and the advice from the Chief Medical Officer, Riverview Gaming Centre, Chatham ON will be closing effective Monday March 16. We did not make this decision lightly but have decided to do what is prudent for our Customers, our Charities and our Team Members (staff). We will continue to monitor the situation and make a decision to re-open when it is safe.

Today's Jackpot Prizes

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Early Bird


54 Numbers

Double Action


32 Numbers

U Pick 8


15 Numbers

Toonie Ball


E Turbo


4 Numbers

Jackpot Plus

up to $2,000

54 Numbers

Super Jackpot 10:00AM


57 Numbers

Super Jackpot 1:00PM


51 Numbers

Super Jackpot 3:30PM


56 Numbers

Super Jackpot 6:30PM


53 Numbers

Super Jackpot 9:30PM


52 Numbers

The Blast 10:00AM


57 numbers

The Blast 1:00PM


56 Numbers

The Blast 3:30PM


58 Numbers

The Blast 6:30PM


51 Numbers

The Blast 9:30PM


55 Numbers

Dynamite Diamonds


Tap Tix Progressive

Player's Edge


Tap Tix Progressive

Jackpot Fruit


POD Game

Loads of loot


POD Game

100 Degree


POD Game

Although every effort has been made to have accurate information, Riverview Gaming Centre is not liable for the information presented above. Please confirm any information with a hall staff member.

Last updated June 4, 2020, 03:30 AM